Dilks - Simone, Inc.
An Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business dedicated to providing extremely high productivity, functionaly, and quality to the customer.

Dilks – Simone, Inc. is an Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business (EDWOSB) in the State of South Carolina, established as a for-profit corporation on 1 January 2007. Ms. Simone is the majority stockholder and acts as President and Mr. Dilks is the minority stockholder and acts as Vice President/Chief Scientist. Ms. Simone and Mr. Dilks formed Dilks – Simone to handle the business interests of both stockholders.


The overview pages consist of the following:

Past Performance

While much of the past performance of Dilks - Simone was performed by the principals prior to the forming the company, the company has extensive experience working in the C5ISR arena and related areas. The Dilks - Simone past performance pages are divided as follows:

In many cases, the Dilks - Simone principal was both the primary system designer/developer and the program manager since he was the President/CEO of the company that designed and developed the system. As a results, many programs show up on both pages.

Under past preformance is the list of all customers for whom the Dilks - Simone principals have supported.

Contract Vehicles

These pages list the contractual vehicles Dilks - Simone can offer to its customers.


Due to the extensive experience of the principals of Dilks - Simone, it has found that the company can be a tremendous resource to emerging companies. Many of these small companies, while being very innovative, lack the experience in building the infrastructure required for the company to become successful. Dilks - Simone offers mentoring in many disciplines including the following:


These pages contain the following:

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